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Are your smoke Detectors working properly??

Attention all home owners, please make sure that you have working smoke detectors in your home, at least one on every floor. A safety message from the Ridgway Fire Department..

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Allenhurst/Depot Apartment 

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Allenhurst/Depot Apartment 

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Allenhurst/Depot Apartment 

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Main St. Fire

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Newest Members

Second Ward Hall Rental

Call Kim @ 773-5591 for hall rental availability

Fire Department Membership App.

Looking to Rent 2nd Ward Fire Hall? Call Kim at 773-5591

Ridgway Fire Department, Hall Rental Information

Renters, please print out the Rental Application and Hall Lay out below, keep the Lay out for your reference when putting the hall back together. Thank you.


 HALL LAY OUT - Renters, the hall must be put back the same way it was already set up before you rented it, here is the layout. This diagram shows how many tables per row and their placement, along with how many chairs to each table. Please print out and keep.

To rent the Ridgway Fire Department Social Hall, Email , or call our Social Hall at 814- 772-8085 and leave a message.

Please include the date you need, and what your renting the hall for.

The Ridgway Fire Department Central Station Social Hall has the capacity to hold 300 people. Parking..

When renting our social hall, please use the upper side of the Bi-Lo parking lot and not the main lot behind the social hall. The bank parking lot may be used also. Plus around the hall.

please understand that the hall will not be considered booked, until your contract and deposit are received, when emailing us, please add your rental date, and what your renting the hall for.